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Corporate Hot Air Balloon Programs

Move away from the conventional form of advertising. The hot air balloon’s romantic image, incredible size, slow movement and vibrant colours, all scream for attention. The total effect leaves a lasting impression.

Now imagine your corporation with a moving billboard that has twenty-foot-tall letters and the impact this portable visual message could have. The end result will be an advertisement that turns heads.

The advantage this offers is that the hot air balloon can move from one location to another and be present in select areas, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

UPTUIT Balloons can help you elevate your business to exciting new heights. From banner ads to custom designed shapes, the sky really is the limit. Contact us and explore the possibilities.


The use of a hot air balloon in marketing has been used by many successful companies including Disney, Pontiac, Pepsi, Rayovac. New York Times, Intel, Planters Peanuts, Energizer and Remax.

The cost benefits of using a corporate hot air balloon to market their product was realized many times over by each of these companies and is the main reason why today most companies continue to renew their corporate programs.

The hot air balloon constitutes the tool used to increase your market profit share. Just as important, however, to your company and image, is the professional conduct of the pilot. A professional pilot knows that the primary goal is to promote the sponsor. UPTUIT Balloons will consistently represent your company in a manner in keeping with the customer’s corporate vision each time the hot air balloon is staged at an event.

Hal Cooper of UPTUIT Balloons has nine years of corporate public relations experience, having flown the REMAX hot air balloon in south -western Ontario from 2001 to 2009. Hal’s public relations skills and natural ability to network with people resulted in many compliments and letters of gratitude to REMAX promotions.

Corporate Hot Air Balloon or Balloon Banner Programs

Banners and Special Shapes

The hot air balloon can be used in more than one way to represent a product depending on available advertising dollars, from a banner advertisement on UPTUIT Balloons to a personalized special shape hot air balloon manufactured to solely represent your product or company. Computer design technology has made the creation of a special shape to represent your product a reality. The creation of a custom designed hot air balloons can take the impact of your advertising dollars to new heights.

Special Events, Community Events and Targeted Marketing

Corporate hot air balloons can be scheduled to appear at special events, major sporting events, air shows, race tracks, celebrity events and charitable fund raisers, where large crowds of people gather. Corporate hot air balloons have also been used to advertise at major events such as CFL and NFL football games. A corporate hot air balloon program is an excellent addition to your existing marketing endeavors and will set your company apart from most other companies and most importantly your competitors. We will work collaboratively with your marketing team to match the demographics of the events with your target audience, with our experience in corporate ballooning ensuring the highest exposure for your product brand.

Representing your company at community fundraisers, the hot air balloon positions you as a supporter of each community where the hot air balloon attends and generates good will.


UPTUIT Balloons representative and Corporate Pilot Hal Cooper has experience with media coverage, live radio and as a conference speaker giving your company the opportunity for different forms of exposure.

Hot air balloons can also be used to offer rides to your customers assisting you to capture not only the goodwill of your customers but major accounts.

When media is targeted, hot air balloons attract both television and print coverage, a no charge added benefit that often times happens. One exposure captured on television or print can be equal in value to expensive purchased advertising.

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