Frequently Asked Questions

How high will we go?

Generally between 1000 and 3000 feet above the ground.

What should we wear?

Casual comfortable layered clothing and closed toe low heeled shoes or sneakers (not sandals).

Can I bring a camera?

Cameras are allowed. Remember to bring extra batteries.

Where do we launch from?

We have several launch sites in the Northumberland Hills and Rice Lake area. Launch sites are chosen based on the direction of wind and change from day to day. Information and directions are provided on the day, prior to the flight.

How long before the flight do we need to meet?

We will provide you instructions about the time and place to meet prior to the flight. If your flight is a morning flight, you will meet the pilot approximately 30 minutes before sunrise. If your flight is an evening flight you will meet the pilot at the launch site about 2.5 hours before sunset.

How long is the flight?

Flights are usually between 45 minutes to approximately one hour in length. The entire adventure takes about 3-4 hours.

How do you get the balloon ready for flight?

A fan is used to blow cool air into the balloon. Then the burners are used to heat the air inside the balloon which makes the balloon rise and eventually lift off of the ground.

What fabric is used in the balloon?

The most common fabric is rip stop nylon similar to that used in parachutes.

Does the basket sway when we are flying?

No, the balloon moves with the wind and there is no swaying movement.

Do you offer tethered balloon rides?

Yes, tether balloon packages are available for special or corporate events.

Can I do a marriage proposal in flight?

Yes, in addition to romantic getaways, we can make your marriage proposal a special and memorable moment for you and your partner.

Can I book a flight last minute?

Please call for last minute availability.

Can I purchase a flight certificate?

Many people buy our attractive looking certificates as a gift for graduation, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries etc.