"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed everything you and your crew did to make our flight a fantastic and unforgettable adventure."

"I want to thank you for the memorable flight. The euphoria I felt took quite a while to wear off. I will recommend this to everyone I know"

"Thank you for the exciting hot air balloon experience and for the special treatment you gave us. The wonderful celebration that took place with the landowners at the conclusion of our flight was something we'll never forget. "

"I still can't stop marvelling at the tremendous flight my son and I just experienced. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my 70th birthday and I can't thank you enough for helping my son make this day so memorable for me."

"Hi Hal, My wife and I wanted to take the time to thank you again for the amazing experience we had on our balloon flight with you. When our children gave us a flight certificate to fly we were both excited and nervous at the prospect of doing something so adventurous. Your obvious skill and attention to safety made us feel instantly at ease. We also really appreciated the time you took after the flight to explain all about ballooning to our kids and grandkids who followed our flight."

"Hi Hal, I took a balloon flight so I could take it off my bucket list. Instead I've decided to add it back on to the list. Everyone should do this at least once and I can hardly wait to do it again. "

"Hi Hal, I could only marvel at how wonderful it must be to be able to fly in a balloon more than once. I can't wait to go again. The scenery was beautiful and the experience both peaceful and invigorating."